How To Use McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee total protection is one of the security software versions of McAfee antivirus this software has an assigned task of protecting the systems from all types of dangerous malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks.

Along with the development in technologies the risk of systems getting infected by such unwanted elements is also increasing and hence it has become necessary for the users to keep their systems protected under the layers of such type of antivirus software. But, as such software is made out of a lot of complicated advanced technologies therefore normal users from non technical backgrounds do find it difficult to understand the set up of the software and also its proper usage criteria.
Here in this blog we will particularly focus on how a user can effectively use McAfee total protection on his or her system.
First of all the user should see to it that the software gets installed on the system accurately for that the user should fo9llow the below given steps-
• Open your web browser and go to the McAfee official website
• Further click “My account” and then click “sign in”
• Enter your Email address and password and then click “log in”
• Click “my account”
• Then select the correct subscription and then click “download”
• Further follow the on screen instructions for installation and configuration of the software.
Once the McAfee total protection software is downloaded and installed accurately then the user should move to the activation part of the software for that the user needs to follow the below given steps-
• Open your software then click “your subscription”
• Then click on the “edit profile” option
• Enter Email address and then click “next”
• This will get your McAfee account created and the software will be activated for use.
This blog will provide a clear view of how a user should use McAfee total protection.


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