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Now-a-days, a user ID and a password are considered the best for protecting any of the technical software or hardware. Even for getting into the system, the user now uses a password which he or she just keeps to himself or herself in order to keep the system protected from unwanted interferences. Similarly, in case of various products, it is seen that if there is an official website then that demands registration of the user which further leads to the usage of a valid Email ID along with a password. This Email ID and password will be used further for login purposes. Same goes with the case of McAfee antivirus for the resolution to McAfee antivirus log in issues it is advisable that the user connects at McAfee Support UK.
Before any discussion over McAfee Account, let’s talk about the features of McAfee Security Software. This security software was brought into existence in 1989 by John McAfee. In 1992, McAfee became McAfee Associates, Inc. Also, this software one of the most used antivirus solution providers and has been used since the first manifestation of malware and viruses. McAfee offers a full array of security products like firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware programs.
If we talk about log in a facility provided by McAfee antivirus then, that is called “My account login.” McAfee is a security software development company that has over time got itself well developed and it now offers a wide range of security software versions with a different set of features such as McAfee internet security”, McAfee total protection, McAfee antivirus plus and a lot more. The user can easily select one from all these versions keeping in mind his own requirements as well as budget. McAfee facilitates a proper personal account with each and every product by the help of this account the user can easily keep all the updates also can easily get the software renewed. A McAfee user account makes it easy for the user to operate his purchases from any corner of the world.
How to get access to McAfee Account- 
The user needs to follow the below-given steps for getting access to McAfee account –
  •  Open your internet browser 
  •  Enter the registered Email address and password
  •  Click “log in’ button or press enter

It is often seen that the users do get to face some issues at some points while trying to access their accounts. In such a case, it is advisable that the user follows the given steps- 
  •  The user should see to it that the internet connection is working fine. 
  •  If needed the user should conduct a reset of the router. 
  •  The user should also check the credentials that he or she is entering.

However, the problem still persists, then, it might be possible that the site could be submitting an invalid or wrong email address or password automatically.
In that case, you have to do these two things to troubleshoot the issue:
Re-type the email address:
You should log out and then back in again. Your computer might be entering automatically an email address that is no longer valid. Enter a valid email address after logging out to log back in. For that,
  •  Go to McAfee official website
  •  Click on Log Out
  •  Hover the mouse over My Account and then click on Sign In
  •  If the email address is automatically displayed in the Email Address field then,   erase it.
  •  Now, type your registered email address as well as password and then Log In.

One more thing, if you used the correct email address, then it might be possible that you are entering a wrong password. In that case,
Reset your password or Retrieve your email address:
  •  Go to McAfee official website
  •  Hold your mouse over My Account and then click on My Account from the options.
  •  Click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option and then follow the displayed instructions.
  •  Your password information is sent to the provided email address which you used while installation.
  •  Change your password with strong characters and try to log in again.

In case, if you still need to know more about log in the procedure then for that connect with the experts at McAfee Contact and Toll-free UK. The technicians are very well trained and certified for dealing with all types of queries and doubts.
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