Recovery Procedure For Deleted Files By McAfee: McAfee Log-In

McAfee is a well-known antivirus software for providing complete protection to your computer. It not only scans, detects and removes the spyware, virus, and Trojan but also blocks the sources from where they were coming. This antivirus software keeps the software from being installed without permission and will steal your personal information and data. McAfee Virus Scan is one of the most popular brands of antivirus software and it effectively removes virus from your system. McAfee is very simple and convenient to install and activate.
Apart from protecting your device from nasty spyware and viruses, McAfee may remove important files and data from it in its virus removal process. And if your important files were automatically deleted by McAfee without your permission, then you need to recover the files. For that, first, check your Recycle Bin. The deleted files may be kept there but that is less likely to happen. In that case, we are providing some tips which will help in the Recovery Procedure for Deleted Files by McAfee.
Simply download the recovery software and then follow the 3-step guide to recover the deleted files:
• Select the desired location of data:
Choose the location from where the files were deleted after the scanning process of the antivirus program. Such as, if you lose files from C drives then, in that case, select the C drive.
• Scan the antivirus deleted files:
Click on scan to create a Tree-view of all recoverable files. With the on-screen interface, the recovery process is quite easy and simple and does not need any Technical Expertise.
• Recover the anti-virus deleted files: 
Choose the desired files from the list and preview what you want to remover. You can click the option ‘Deleted Files’ to find the files. The ‘Filter’ offers an immediate way to your wanted files. Click on the option if you have trouble in finding the desired files.
Restored McAfee deleted files from Quarantine:
• Open your McAfee Security product
• Click Navigation (or click the cog the top right)
• Click on Trusted and Quarantined Items
• Open: Quarantined Items (for a single file) or Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs (for programs)
• Select specific items individually, or click Select all
• Select: ‘Restore’ to restore the item from Quarantine or delete the item from the Delete list.
This simple to use steps will resolve your problem and will make sure that you can easily recover your deleted files that were accidentally removed by scanning process of McAfee. It essentially means that you needn’t contact your McAfee technical support for help. If you have any queries associated with McAfee then it is advisable to contact McAfee Support UK.


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