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How To Uninstall A Program Using McAfee Shredder?

McAfee Shredder is the best tool to remove unwanted programs or useless files from the PC. It will delete the files permanently which are no longer wanted. If your PC has sensitive information or data, then it might be in trouble if you are selling your PC. In that case, you will need to delete the all essential data or files from your PC. If you manually delete the folder, photos or files then they can be still recovered. For that, use McAfee Shredder, as it protects your private and sensitive information by securely and permanently deleting them so that they can never be recovered.
In this blog, we will discuss the process to uninstall a program using McAfee Shredder through which you can easily remove the files or programs from your PC. If you want to delete applications and data which have sensitive and personal information which you never want to retrieve, then use this shredder tool.
Follow these steps to delete the files forever from your PC through McAfee Shredder tool :
• Open the McAfee software and then click on My Privacy
• Click on Shred Unwanted files
• Then, select the folder which you want to shred from the McAfee Shredder window. You can select the Recycle Bin and the Temporary Internet Files and then click on the Let me Choose the option to specify the folder.
(Be sure, the Shredder tool completely erases the folders which you select. You cannot recover the shredded item. So it is recommended to do not select a folder which is required for Windows for operating as it can permanently damage your operating system.)
• in-depthSelect the shredding type you want to conduct:
a. Basic: Still fast, but a bit more
b. Complete: Completely eradicate the targeted data
c. Quick: The fastest Shred
d. Safe: Offers additional security, but is not as quick and fast
e. Comprehensive: Offers stronger protection
• After that, click on Shred. If you have chosen the option ‘Let me Choose’ for your shred file location, then you are prompted to select the folder to shred.
• On the confirmation screen, click on the ‘Shred’ to complete the shredding process

These are the easy steps of using McAfee Shredder tool. If you are having any trouble while doing the shredding process, then, take the assistance of technician by calling at McAfee Support UK. Apart from this, one more thing you must know is that you can also use this tool to remove all contents of a removable drive such as USB drives, Floppy disk, and External Hard Drives. This tool also has the facility to customize your settings through which you can specify the total procedure required to delete a file. Or you can also check the hard drive for issues before shredding, add the McAfee Shredder to the Send to Menu or set the shredder tool icon on the desktop. You will also receive an alert message before shredding. Click on shredder under the Tools in the McAfee Security Center to customize these settings.

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