McAfee issues with a Wireless Printer: McAfee Antivirus

It often becomes a problem for McAfee users to configure a wireless printer. This issue often comes up as the user finishes with the updating process of the software. Here, we will talk about various issues that a McAfee user might get to face with a wireless printer being attached to his or her systems.
Some of the common issues are as follows :
  •  McAfee updates
  •  Wrong printer configuration
  •  Settings issue
  •  Compatibility issues
  •  Other issues

As there are a lot of issues that a user gets to face while using McAfee antivirus and a wireless printer together, therefore, it becomes complicated to understand the actual issue and thus the solution also becomes tricky. In order to avoid such confusions, it is advisable that the user checks the error message that appears on the screen. The user can also ask help from the experts sitting at McAfee Contact Number UK.
Here we will discuss a solution for some common issues that occur between a wireless printer and McAfee antivirus.
Printer not working — If your wireless printer is not at all working with McAfee then to fix this you should follow the given steps –
  •  Open McAfee firewall settings
  •  Click the option “My network connections”
  •  See to it if the local IP address is added to it
  •  If that is added then try to change the security level settings
  •  Save the settings and then use the printer machine

McAfee firewall issue — If the firewall of the software is troubling you then to get that fixed you should follow the given steps –
  •  Open the configuration window by clicking on the McAfee icon in the system tray
  •  Click “web and Email protection”
  •  Click “firewall” then click “settings”
  •  From the list click “Program permissions”
  •  Then click “add allowed program”
  •  Then click the “allow” button
  •  Click “ok” in order to confirm the changes

Not just with the printers printing output but also the issue can be related to the scanner as the machines now work on a multi-functional setup. If in case, the firewall is blocking the scanner then to get this issue fixed the user should get the scanner added to the list of trusted programs. If in case you are unable to understand the process of the addition or if there is some other issue related to McAfee antivirus for which you need a solution then, it is advisable that you get connected with the trained and certified experts. The experts can be reached at McAfee Toll-Free Number UK.


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