Why McAfee Slows Down My Computer? McAfee Help

McAfee Antivirus is not designed to slow down your computer. It is specifically developed to fight against virus, Trojans, malware, and threats. This security software is integrated with outstanding features that provide comprehensive protection to your device. But sometimes, you get stuck when your device is performing slowly. In that case, you think that McAfee slows down your computer. Well, this reason is completely wrong because this software comes with a variety of features and functions that will not ruin the performance of your device.

If you are using an old version of the operating system then the functions and features of McAfee might not support your device. McAfee provides the ability to scan your computer and update automatically. It also sometimes happens when McAfee version is not compatible with your operating system or it might not meet the system requirements.

Multiple Programs active in the device:
One more important reason behind the slow computer is the availability of multiple security programs in the same system. The multiple security programs not trusting each other and create conflict for permission. Hence, it affects the performance of your system. Basically, it is advisable to install only one antivirus program at a time. If your McAfee software is set up to automatic update then it might slow down your computer or Internet connection.

Let’s have a look at the fixing procedure of this serious glitch:

First of all, open your McAfee antivirus program and then modify the options. That is why it is no longer providing constant protection. Instead of permitting for constant observation, enable the McAfee full version only when you are navigating to the unauthorized websites. For your trusted and day-to-day surfing and trusted retailers apps such as Amazon.com and Flipkart.com, it is advisable to keep the McAfee disabled.

After that, keep your McAfee protected from draining system resources when the computer starts. Open the “Start” menu and then type “msconfig” in the required field. Run the “msconfig” program and then navigate to the Startup tab. Uncheck all boxes that is linked with McAfee.

Run McAfee’s virus scanner at the end of the day when you are done with your computer work. By only running the complete virus scanner at the last, you will prevent McAfee from interfering and slowing down your computer when you are still working.

These are few steps through which you can easily troubleshoot the slow computer error. Call McAfee Help Number to get connected with the experts for the resolution. It is advisable to conduct the given steps very carefully to resolve the issue without facing any glitch.


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